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Communication is life. If you communicate better, you live better. This course will teach you not only what real communication is, but also practical exercises you can use to improve your communication and be more powerful and successful in life!

"A man is as dead as he cannot communicate. He is as alive as he can communicate.
With countless tests I have discovered, to a degree which could be called conclusive, that the only remedy for livingness is further communicatingness. One must add to his ability to communicate.
For a great many years I asked this question, “To communicate or not to communicate?” If one got himself into such thorough trouble by communicating, then, of course, one should stop communicating. But this is not the case. If one gets himself into trouble by communicating, he should further communicate. More communication, not less, is the answer, and I consider this riddle solved after a quarter-century of investigation and pondering."
L. Ron Hubbard
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What's included?

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5 Audio Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Exams
  • Visual aids

Why communicate?

It could be said that if you would get a person into communication you would get him well. This factor is not new in psychotherapy, but concentration upon it is new, and interpretation of ability as communication is entirely new.          
If you were to be in thorough and complete communication with a car on a road, you would certainly have no difficulty driving that car, for example.

TR drills

"TR" stands for "training routines" and those are not only communication exercises, but basic personal growth exercises that one can do!
They will not only improve your communication, but sharpen and improve your awareness and your general ability to live life better, and be more powerful and successful in life. Exclusive for this course you got audio lectures and visual aids explaining each TR.

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