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1966 Dianetics Course

DIANETICS is a science. It has certain laws, and by following these laws we can predict the results which will be obtained under given circumstances.

These laws have no exceptions -- or at least, no exceptions have been found. In this respect the laws of DIANETICS are like the law of gravity: if you suspend a mass heavier than air above the ground and then remove the support, it will fall. It won’t fall seventy per cent of the time or eighty per cent of the time; it will always fall. And if it doesn’t fall, we are justified in re-examining the law.

The discovery that engrams (the ability of the cell to record a lasting trace of an event) are recorded on a cellular level when the higher sphere of the mind is “unconscious,” insensitive, and not recording (as, for instance, in severe injury, delirium, or surgical anaesthesia) and that the recorded engrams then received are highly reactive, portends a new trend for psychological and psychiatric thought and practice. The engram recorded during a period of “unconsciousness” is susceptible to reactivation during future periods of mental anguish. This fact has been found to be a single, direct source of aberrated behavior.
J. A. Winter, M. D. (1950)

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Course Lessons

Why should I take this course?

  • Learn basic Dianetics theory
  • Understand what Reactive Mind consists of
  • Discover what is "Time Track"
  • Practice simple procedure to return clients along their Time Track
  • Learn how to find an incident to run
  • Discharge the incident out of its negative emotion and content
  • Help friends and family to become more cheerful
For many years, 1950 onward, a Dianetic auditor was proudly capable of resolving mental and physical problems by his ability to find and run engrams and secondaries.The Dianetic auditor had no other skill or tools than his understanding of mental image pictures, as locks, secondaries and engrams and the time track.With these tools he produced many miracles. Broken bones healed in two weeks instead of six, withered limbs restored, burns vanished, swellings reduced visibly to nothing,lives wrecked by grief and loss recovered, women lost their aging wrinkles and sought-after abilities returned.
Dianetics operates at the level of the human being and is addressed mainly to the body and mind. It does not attempt and should not be confused with the end product of Scientology which is spiritual freedom. The end product of Dianetics is a well, happy, high IQ human being. Dianetics is itself and has its place. When one can handle Dianetics so as to make people well and happy, one can then begin to think of and work on the higher aspects of Scientology.To attempt to obtain the results of Scientology by applying only Dianetics is in fact a confusion of objectives.The Dianetic auditor, whether the "very best people" behind governments like it or not, is the natural inheritor of all mental healing.

Michael Salihovich

Since 1980s, I’ve been privileged to coach many people, including absolute beginners, into the practice of Dianetics.

In this course I will personally supervise you and help you grasp all the basic concepts of Dianetics, like Time Track, Engram, Secondary, Lock, Release, Erasure, Return... etc. and help you through practical online drills to apply it effectively to your friends, family or acquaintances.

This may be your first step in becoming a professional auditor, and The Clearing Academy has great interest in producing new auditors! Welcome!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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