This comprehensive course trains one in the fundamental concepts and practices of Scientology, provides opportunities for personal case gain, and shows how to effectively apply basic Scientology principles in life.

1. Shows how to study effectively and the mechanics of how to learn any subject.
2. Explains what Scientology truly is, as opposed to the media or Church of Scientology's interpretations.
3. Gives the student the tools to confront, intend, and control any area of life.
4. Reveals how to be more efficient, how to handle confusions in life, and how to prevent exhaustion.
5. Trains the student in how to handle people, increase understanding, and communicate better.
6. Provides information on the composition of the human mind, mankind, and the universe.
7. Trains the student in basic auditing skills and provides increased understanding about how auditing works.
8. Improves communication with other people and one's own environment.
9. May help to relieve a person of the need for drugs or alcohol.

After this course, one will be a competent practitioner of fundamental Scientology skills and auditing, more able in life and relationships, and with improved awareness of one's environment.
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What's included?

  • 16 Text Chapters
  • Personalized guidance
  • Online checkouts
  • 1 Certification


Presents the fundamental concepts  of Scientology and offers opportunities for practice, so one can see these principles at work in real life. Also, to train one in basic forms of auditing.


A significant improvement in self-confidence, mastery of communication and listening skills, ability to understand others and help others to improve, and an understanding of why Scientology is a unique, precise method of spiritual growth.

Course Lessons

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