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The purpose of study is to understand something and to be able to use what one has learned. Studying without a purpose or ability to apply what has been learned is meaningless.
Study can be considered successful to the degree that one can apply what one has learned.
Studying is different from merely reading material. One might read something for varying reasons: maybe to be entertained, to pass time, or to take one's attention off other things. Reading should not be confused with studying.
One can study in a variety of ways, but a student is an individual who is studying a subject for a purpose and to be able to apply concepts. A student performs the act of studying over a period of time.
This course teaches all you need to study effectively, not only Scientology, but any course ... and to fully to comprehend the material. These study techniques are a proven way to increase knowledge, personal power, confidence, and success in life!

What's included?

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  • We thank R. Dane and F. Funch for permission to use their original materials on Study Tech.


What is true for you is true for you. Truth is what you observe and find to be true and workable for you. Nobody can really tell you what is true or false. They can present their data and suggestions. However, you need to evaluate them for yourself.

Why study?

One studies to learn something. Learning something means that one gains an understanding about something and an ability to do something in the area. The reason for studying is just that and nothing else. If one doesn't wish to understand and apply the materials there is no point in studying. The best studying is when one accomplishes understanding and application with the least possible effort.

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